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Support our mission by sharing your stories, photos, videos, becoming a volunteer or making a donation.


Buffalo, New York, has a fantastic and meaningful past and a promising future. We must establish a Museum where this precious History can be displayed for our young brothers and sisters so they can be proud of our past, and create healthy and balanced spaces to live and raise our families.

Please consider supporting the Buffalo African American Museum's (BAAM) work in the following ways.

Share your stories

Future BAAM exhibits continue to be focused on Buffalo African Americans and our contributions to Buffalo's development yesterday and today. Please share stories and media relating to (but not limited to) to Black Elected Officials, Educators, Medical, Athletes, Media, Legal, Artists, Authors, Writers, Actors, Inventors and the history of Juneteenth in Buffalo before receiving national recognition.

Become a volunteer

BAAM relies on an all-volunteer board and dedicated supporters. Would you like to put your time, resources and/or skills to a meaningful cause?


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Make a donation

Your donation matters! Every donation made to BAAM will go towards supporting our efforts to promote and empower Buffalo African Americans today and for the future.


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